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Lessons from Jesus’s ministry

1) Never ignore the simple talents and ordinary gifts within our reach. Jesus always used what was already there and did extraordinary things. He used the disciples boats on one occasion to teach people, 5 loaves and 2 fishes  to feed a crowd, water in a jar to turn to wine, a donkey and so on.  He could have fed the crowd out of nothing or created wine out of nothing. But he demonstrated that the simple things we have have great potential in God’s hand. God delights in simple things.

Leadership lessons from the story of Gideon

Judges chapter 6 and 7 talks about a powerful story of God using a weak, insignificant man to give a great victory and deliverance to a whole nation. Here are some of the lessons God taught me through this great story. 

How to reach the unreached – Lessons from what Jesus did

Luke 5 is a powerhouse of truth and wisdom that every Christian involved in ministry should take time to meditate. Let’s look at some of those here:

The Cross – A GLORIOUS BEGINNING and not the end!

The bible talks about a rare red heifer in the book of numbers. 

Billy Graham: A Life Remembered

Trace Billy Graham’s unexpected journey from a North Carolina farm to the largest arenas and stadiums in the world.

Billy Graham: One Man. One Purpose. One Message.

A photo tribute journey through the life of Billy Graham. 

Billy Graham, in his own words, about facing death and the Lord

“When I face him, I want him to say to me, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant,'” he said.

Get rid of these old thought patterns to receive your breakthrough

Until we remove the old thinking we cannot kill the “giants” we are facing in our life. God wants us to remove the old thought patterns in life so that we can kill the “Goliath” and receive the breakthrough.

Where was God in my life’s tragedy? – Part 1

Sometimes it is easier said than done. It is very hard to digest certain bad news in life. A few months back I saw a tweet from my pastor friend that read, ‘Leading a funeral this morning for a dear couple who lost their baby girl – pray for God’s peace and comfort on the family’. When you hear news like these your heart will sink and you will immediately think about those parents who lost their precious girl. It’s a terrible time for them and maybe you have also gone through such terrible times. Every pain is a pain. Be it small or big. We live in a crazy and twisted world and we cannot run away from it.

Small steps but a Giant leap

It is true we need to think big and make no small plans. But at the same time we should not be afraid of taking small steps in faith. Small steps taken in faith can result in huge results. The bible says,

“faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”

God is looking for some action from us even if it is very small so that he can use it as a catalyst to bring forth a huge result.