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Absolute surrender brings the best and latest Christian resources and news in one place. You will get

  • Thought provoking and edifying articles on various Christian topics
  • Life changing sermons
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  • Relationship resources
  • Top tweets from various Christian leaders/pastors
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 all in one single website/app!

The website is part of “Absolute surrender ministries” and it is built to help people in their daily walk with Christ and fulfill the vision of  “Absolute surrender ministries”. You can read more about the vision of this ministry in our website http://absolutesurrenderministries.com.

The founder of the “Absolute surrender ministries” is Davidson Samuel who is a lover of God, dad, husband, preacher and author. He is the author of the book “Kernel of Wheat” available worldwide in Christian bookstores. Davidson lives in Scotland along with his wife Jessline and his two sons. Davidson works for a bank as a software engineering lead. Davidson learnt through tough times in his life that when the going gets tough the tough absolutely surrender. Davidson has experienced the power of absolutely surrendering everything to God even when all hell breaks loose and has since written and preached numerous sermons on this topic. If you would like to contact Davidson or if you would like to contribute to this site you can get in touch via the links below.

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PS: Some of the videos in the app and website will be presented from youtube after a thoughtful selection and all credit belongs to the owner of the clip.