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The Blessing ~ Part Three

I was in marching band in high school.  Besides playing pep music and providing entertainment during halftime of the Friday night football games, the Lexington High School Band was also assigned the anchor position in the small-town Christmas parade every December.  I always looked forward to the final event of the marching season that led […]
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The Blessing ~ Part Two

Gates were crucial to the protection of ancient societies. Trustworthy guards were commonly stationed at the entrance to a city to maintain constant vigil against wild beasts or invading armies.  A watchful and alert gatekeeper was the first line of defense for vulnerable citizens.  One who was lax in his duties could bring about the […]
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The Blessing ~ Part One

The words of Numbers 6:24-25 (above) are familiar to most people who attend traditional church services since it’s common to hear the pastor, priest or minister repeat these verses at the close of a service. However, many believers hear the words as little more than a feel-good prayer without ever giving much thought to their meaning. So […]
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A ‘Solomon’ Question

Most people who have been in church for very long are familiar with the story of Solomon. He was son of David and Bathsheba and successor to the throne of Israel. Tasked with governing such a vast kingdom, Solomon gets what appears to be a guarantee from God to get whatever one thing he asked […]
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Have you ever felt like the world was coming apart at the seams?  Conflicts, factions and in-fighting seem to erupt with almost predictable regularity these days.  Love, generosity, patience, and civility seem to wither while the seeds of outrage, distrust and suspicion find fertile ground to thrive. Sharply contrast that with the words of John […]
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Are you worn out?

“Are you worn out?  Burned out on religion?  Come to Me …….  Matthew 11 v 28 – 30.
I wonder if you are getting used to Zoom, u tube and face time!!  A user of the World Wide Web?  Maybe you have become a “silver surfer”

The only hope

People are living in fear of the pandemic that is raging these days. Questions about our very existence may crowd our minds. ‘ Who am I?…Where did I come from?…Where am I going when I die?’ 

2 minutes lockdown thought – Day 1

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Reason to Celebrate

This Sunday the calendar reminds us that it’s Easter, but with churches closed, large gatherings prohibited, and a vast majority of our population sequestered at home, celebrating seems somehow out of place. I mean, why bother, right? Especially when we’re inundated by real concerns about what’s going on in the world and dire predictions on […]
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Coronavirus – What should be a Christians response?

What should a Christian do in times of great crisis like this? Well, we all can take a leaf from Apostle Paul’s book on how he handled a great crisis when he came face to face with death.