Are you worn out?

“Are you worn out?  Burned out on religion?  Come to Me …….  Matthew 11 v 28 – 30.
I wonder if you are getting used to Zoom, u tube and face time!!  A user of the World Wide Web?  Maybe you have become a “silver surfer”

The above Bible verses also feature “www”.  It comes from the Bible version called The  Message.

WORN  OUT –  Jesus asks are you weary with religion?  He then tells you how to correct that.

WALK WITH ME –  keep in step and put your tiny hand into His all-powerful one.  Use His strength and you will be revived.

WATCH HOW I DO IT –  when I worked in the Court of Session in Edinburgh I had to seal documents with an enormous seal.  Each one had to be perfect.  I remember my boss saying “watch how I do it”.  The document required no double sealing, no over-embossing, no squinty seals and certainly had not to be “faint”.  To get it wrong meant re-typing the whole thing.  Jesus  took time to pray and LEARN from His Father and we can learn from Him  also.

However, in case you feel this “lockdown life” is still making you weary, God graciously adds a further “w”.  ( verses 29 and 30).

I WON’T  lay anything too hard on you.  Keep company with me and you will learn to live freely and lightly.

An article by,
Mrs. Helen Gordon,

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