The only hope

People are living in fear of the pandemic that is raging these days. Questions about our very existence may crowd our minds. ‘ Who am I?…Where did I come from?…Where am I going when I die?’  The Bible gives the answer to all these questions.

A clever man called Nicodemus once asked Jesus a serious question about the meaning of life. Jesus explained to him that he needed to be ‘born again’ in a spiritual sense to become right with God and go to heaven when he died. Jesus went on to explain God’s rescue plan, rescuing us from our sin and rebellion against God. Jesus took the punishment that we deserved for our sins when He died on the Cross. He proved that had happened by rising from the dead 3 days later. But how can we respond to such love? By saying yes to our need of forgiveness and accepting Jesus as our Saviour and Lord. From now on we recognise Him as ‘Master of our lives’. Jesus summed up his answer to Nicodemus by explaining that ‘ God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son (that is Jesus), that whoever believes in Him should not perish (eternally in hell) but have eternal life (with Jesus in heaven)…John chapter 3 verse 16. This is our only hope for true peace with God, so we can face not only a pandemic in this life but also our eternal destiny with a quiet confidence and trust in Jesus, our Lord and our God.


Article by

John Downs

Linlithgow, Scotland.


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