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Leadership lessons from the story of Gideon

Judges chapter 6 and 7 talks about a powerful story of God using a weak, insignificant man to give a great victory and deliverance to a whole nation. Here are some of the lessons God taught me through this great story. 

When the Power is Out

Have you seen the pictures and been tracking the damage left through the southeastern United States by Hurricane Michael? Areas of several states were impacted, and while North Carolina didn’t take the brunt of the destruction like some Florida communities, the tailings of Michael were still potent as they roared across the area, saturating the […]
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Before Winter Comes

I just got back from a brief weekend in the mountains with my girlfriends. Our annual retreat isn’t one of those get-aways where you pack so many activities into the time that you end up more tired when get home than you were when you left. No, this annual mini-vacation is about the 3 R’s […]
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He, She or Me?

When I was a preteen, my best friend and I had our own Girl’s Club. While it was no more than a cleared space in the woods with sheet roof held up by a few sticks, it was our place to laugh, dream and ‘get away’ with ‘no boys allowed.’ But not to be outdone, […]
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Starting Over

My vegetable garden failed this year. I guess technically it wasn’t a total failure since it did produce some food… a couple of watermelons, a mess or 2 of beans, some zucchini and enough tomatoes to make our favorite bruschetta a few times, and to adequately satisfy my summer craving for tomato sandwiches. But this […]
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5 Tips in Learning To Receive

I just returned from visiting my Mom and Dad for a couple of weeks, and since my father has a lot of health problems now, part of the reason for the visit was simply to be a help around the house . So while I was enjoying their company, I also ran errands, shopped for groceries, […]
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Desperate Psalms

“The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.” That proclamation of comfort and assurance from Psalm 23 is probably the most familiar verse of scripture from any of the 150 Psalms. Much less quoted are the Psalms of lament that cry out … “How long, O Lord? Will You forget me forever? How long […]
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When Progress Seems Slow

Atlanta is currently bustling with business growth and the new construction that usually accompanies. Seems like just about everywhere you look, there’s a building project underway, and since ‘a rising tide floats all ships’,  that’s the case in the suburbs as well. For example, about a month ago, Clif and I were traveling one of […]
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Seasoned for Service

My youngest daughter turned 17 this week. Admittedly we may have gone a little over the top by stuffing her room with 650 balloons for a surprise welcome home, but after the silliness and laughs passed, we eventually got down to the ‘serious’ business of opening her presents. Surprisingly, it turned out that her favorite […]
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Persevering to Maturity

There are days that just seem hard to put one foot in front of the other. Like today… the end of the third stanza of the Migraine Waltz. Thankfully the drumbeat of this particular version isn’t as bad as some that roll over me with ferocity. But still the ‘music’ plays with a persistent drone […]
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