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From the Birds

I sat at our kitchen table drinking a cup of tea this morning, and while assessing the status of the deck and backyard after an inordinate amount of rain this past weekend, I noticed two small brown thrashers hopping around. I didn’t pay too much attention until they flitted close enough to the back door […]
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Encouragement from Elijah

Where is God when I need Him the most?  Probably every believer has struggled with that question at one time or the other. Disappointments and discouragement come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes linger for a very long time.  So, when sudden or continuing frustrations cause our plans to be interrupted (or scuttled altogether), we can wrongly […]
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An Answer for Anxiety

My youngest daughter, Leia, just finished up her 11th year of homeschooling… and with a summer filled with lots of free time dead ahead, she has plotted a course to find herself a job. So far she’s put forth a fair amount of effort, but as of now the only thing she has acquired is […]
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Lemon Tree Lesson

Lemonade! I have loved the sweet tartness of a tall glass of that fresh squeezed summer delight since I was a kid watching my mom juice lemons the old-fashioned way. Maybe that’s why I was so excited to learn that there’s a variety of lemons that can grow in Georgia. Normally, the citrus trees are […]
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The Crayon Drawer

We bought a new desk for my home office! Though we have been slow to get it set up, this week we finally got it in place and ready to use.  So my assignment has been to transition the stuff out of my old desk and into the new one.  For a girl who is […]
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Destruction & Hope

Fire. Its destructive capability is unparalleled. … so powerful that its intensity literally tears matter apart to such a level that it often reverts to its original component elements. No doubt we were all reminded of this reality as just a few days ago as we watched the spire of the famed Notre Dame Cathedral […]
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“Your Photo Here”

While perusing my social media account recently I stumbled across a friend’s post that made me pause… the caption on the picture indicated that he had been rummaging through a jewelry store with his wife when he came across this necklace (left).  The “Your Photo Here” seemed a little strange to him… and I have […]
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Clearing Out the Clutter

I got a new desk last weekend. Well, it’s not technically new since we bought it from a retired couple who were in the process of selling their house and downsizing. (No pictures since it’s currently disassembled in our garage!) But nonetheless, I’m happy to get a large “L” shaped desk with a hutch and […]
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When It Rains… Again

It rained again this week. Yes, we’ve had a few consecutive days of sunny weather here in the southeast, but early in the week found us back with the familiar clouds and dreariness. The overcast that persisted into the next day served as a reminder of the long and depressing months of winter that seem […]
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All Dressed Up

This past weekend, millions of people around the world celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. Here in the United States that most often takes the form of parades, parties and of course, donning a shamrock or two or wearing something green. For some, it is a time to remember their legitimate family heritage, but that’s not the […]
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