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Altering Your Spiritual Diet

Clif and I have a friend who has Celiac disease, and as a result,  has to stick to a rigid gluten free diet.  His life isn’t anything like the semi-serious gluten-reduced fad that’s all the rage in pop culture or a dietary fling that allows people to eat wheat when they want to and avoid it when they […]
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Seeing Past the ‘February Blahs’

About this time of every year, I begin to feel the effects of what I’ve labeled the “February Blahs.” By now, Christmas is only a distant memory and spring seems too far away to build any anticipation. It’s cold… dark… dreary, and each day brings with it a monotony that seems to grow heavier with […]
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Did you brave the cold outside long enough to notice the recent appearance of the Supermoon? (Jan. 30, 2018) I’d seen headlines about its arrival for the past couple of days, but since I’ve mostly become numb to the manufactured hype and pseudo-news that’s so prevalent today, I didn’t really think much about it… that […]
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“We Have a Problem”

The cold, yucky weather this winter has kept our family indoors for much of the past few weeks. But on the bright side, the rain and chill does provide us perfect opportunities to pile on the couch and watch a favorite movie together as a family. When it’s my turn to choose, Apollo 13 often comes to […]
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Locked Out

Wal-Mart corporation has a division that operates hundreds of membership discount warehouses around the world called Sam’s Clubs. Since they offer bulk buying options that help us save a few dollars on groceries, dog food and other items that we use here in our corner of the city, we’ve been members for over 2 decades. […]
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The Deep South is just emerging from an unusual deep freeze, and it’s been bitterly cold here in Atlanta for several weeks. Of course, I realize that when southerners talk about night time temperatures in the teens and daytime highs reaching the low thirties, many from more northern climates are understandably apt to snicker and […]
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My Plan Or Yours?

12 hours. 650 miles. That’s roughly the duration of and distance traveled for our recent trip north to and from visiting relatives for the holidays. While compared to some, it’s not necessarily an inordinately long excursion, but it was sufficient for our family to have many conversations while on the road… one of which centered […]
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The “Kairos” of Christmas

If you have ever organised or coordinated a nativity play you know what I am talking about. I worked as a Sunday school teacher for nearly 4 years and we used to put nativity play every year with small kids. I am telling you it’s not one of the easiest job in the world. It is very frustrating at times because we cannot have all the kids playing their part in correct timing.

First Things First

Have you heard a reading of the Christmas story yet this year? Maybe seen a dramatization on TV or in a children’s Christmas pageant? I love the awe-inspiring events just like most believers, however the problem is that we tend to think about the people in it only in context of the verses in Luke 2. But think about Mary […]
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Nothing But Rain

This past Friday the Atlanta area got an early December surprise, SNOWFALL! I realize that people in more northern climates are used to frequent snow so it doesn’t make the headlines like it does down south.  But in our area, where it’s not unusual to have several years with no frozen precipitation at all, a […]
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