The Cross – A GLORIOUS BEGINNING and not the end!

The Cross – A GLORIOUS BEGINNING and not the end!

The bible talks about a rare red heifer in the book of numbers.  More »

Billy Graham: A Life Remembered

Billy Graham: A Life Remembered

Trace Billy Graham’s unexpected journey from a North Carolina farm to the largest arenas and stadiums in the world. More »

Billy Graham: One Man. One Purpose. One Message.

Billy Graham: One Man. One Purpose. One Message.

A photo tribute journey through the life of Billy Graham.  More »

Billy Graham, in his own words, about facing death and the Lord

Billy Graham, in his own words, about facing death and the Lord

“When I face him, I want him to say to me, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant,'” he said. More »

Get rid of these old thought patterns to receive your breakthrough

Get rid of these old thought patterns to receive your breakthrough

Until we remove the old thinking we cannot kill the “giants” we are facing in our life. God wants us to remove the old thought patterns in life so that we can More »


A Work in Progress

My oldest son, Ryan, attends school at the American College of the Building Arts (ACBA) in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s a unique university that according to their mission statement “educates and trains artisans in the traditional building arts to foster exceptional craftsmanship and encourage the preservation, enrichment, and understanding of the world’s architectural heritage through […]
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A Word About Weeds

Our garden is off to a good (though late) start this year, However, with the unusual amount of rain this spring, the weeds are doing their best to out-pace the vegetables. Most of our attempts to maintain our plot of land have been thwarted by the marshy garden soil that’s been more like a swamp […]
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Graduation “Time”

Late May and early June is the season for graduation. Whether it is the close of a college or high school career, family and friends gather to celebrate the end of one chapter of a student’s life and the beginning of another. And in the Woodall household, we joined in this spring ritual to celebrate […]
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When Destruction Rages

The news cycle is always busy, but even if you’re not the type who gets regular updates on your phone, it’s hard to not be aware of the natural disaster currently unfolding in painful slow-motion on the island of Hawaii. On May 3rd, fissures started opening in the ground of the “Big Island” as the […]
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What Do I Do Now?

The sky is blue. The wind is cool, but the temperature is up so the flowers are finally blooming everywhere. Although late this year, spring, it seems, has finally arrived in Atlanta! So with the threat of frost officially behind us, the warmer weather has sent gardeners like me into a flurry of activity.  My […]
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3 Keys to Reading God’s Signs

Jason is deep into his preparations for finals as he edges toward the end of his senior year. As of this writing, testing for his College Algebra, Health, Renaissance History, and Anatomy & Physiology tests are behind him. British Literature and Sign Language 3 will be completed next Tuesday and we’ll be calling his high […]
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Jealous, Are You?

“Let’s go shopping!” When most people hear those three words they probably think ‘retail’, but not me. I don’t much care for malls and their high-priced/trendy merchandise. I do however occasionally like to hit the estate sales. For me, it’s kind of like a treasure hunt and sometimes if I’m up early enough and am […]
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Squeaky Clean

Load the dishwasher.  Run the dishwasher. Unload the dishwasher.  For a homeschooling family of six, it seems to be a never-ending job and until recently, it was a routine that happened at least 3 times a day.  But since my oldest is recently married and establishing a home of her own, and child number two […]
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Life Lessons from Softball

It’s Spring in Atlanta! And here at our house, that can mean only one thing Softball! We’re geared up and Leia’s 11th season of base hits and pop flies is underway! So early this past Saturday morning, she packed up her bag, laced up her cleats, grabbed her freshly-oiled glove and in no time, we […]
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Is It Really Free?

It’s always a welcome break from the everyday to go out of town for a long weekend, but one thing I can usually count on is that there will be a pile of mail waiting for us when we return. This time, as I sorted through the familiar stack to separate the important stuff from […]
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