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The Journey

We three kings of orient are, Bearing gifts we traverse afar Field and fountain, moor and mountain, Following yonder star. Oh, star of wonder, star of night, Star with royal beauty bright. Westward leading, still proceeding, Guide us to thy perfect light. You’ve no doubt heard the lyrics to this familiar Christmas carol many times, […]
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Fitted for Heaven

I was always in the Christmas play at our church when I was a kid, so after the cast was selected for this traditional and familiar dramatization, we took our assigned roles as wise men, shepherds, angels or the holy family. More often than not, I was in the shepherd group and donned the standard […]
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Dwelling in the ‘Now’

This week I was out and about gathering supplies for Thanksgiving dinner, and as expected the store was full of other like-minded shoppers. But as I wheeled my cart through the crowded aisles, I began to notice something missing. Thanksgiving. Oh yes, as you would expect, there were stacks of cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes […]
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Beneath the Surface

Last week, I was working through a Bible study I was to deliver to a class on the first chapter of Joshua, and quickly discovered that there was more to learn than just an understanding of historical facts. To grasp the tension of Joshua’s commissioning as the man to lead Israel into the Promised Land, you […]
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Making Wise Decisions

The commotion around the November midterm elections is finally over. And while there are a few races whose outcomes have yet-to-be-determined, most of the hullabaloo is mercifully over. In the wake of the ballot counting, there are plenty of people who are elated, lots who are not, and still others who are wondering if they […]
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Festival of Frights

Happy Halloween! Ummmm… Is that OK to say to Christians?  You might not be sure since October 31 has become something of a divisive issue in the church. In fact, much too much heated debate has occurred between believers trying to find the right answer to the question… “Should Christians participate in Halloween?” I have personally […]
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When There’s a Bad Call

Most people around our city spent a rainy Saturday indoors last weekend, but not us. Our family was up early and parked at the ball field for the Fall Tournament wrap up of Leia’s 11th season of softball. Most of the time inclement weather causes youth sporting events to reschedule, but since our league has only one […]
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Leadership lessons from the story of Gideon

Judges chapter 6 and 7 talks about a powerful story of God using a weak, insignificant man to give a great victory and deliverance to a whole nation. Here are some of the lessons God taught me through this great story. 

When the Power is Out

Have you seen the pictures and been tracking the damage left through the southeastern United States by Hurricane Michael? Areas of several states were impacted, and while North Carolina didn’t take the brunt of the destruction like some Florida communities, the tailings of Michael were still potent as they roared across the area, saturating the […]
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Before Winter Comes

I just got back from a brief weekend in the mountains with my girlfriends. Our annual retreat isn’t one of those get-aways where you pack so many activities into the time that you end up more tired when get home than you were when you left. No, this annual mini-vacation is about the 3 R’s […]
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