Small steps but a Giant leap

It is true we need to think big and make no small plans. But at the same time we should not be afraid of taking small steps in faith. Small steps taken in faith can result in huge results. The bible says,

“faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”

God is looking for some action from us even if it is very small so that he can use it as a catalyst to bring forth a huge result.

Oftentimes we wait for a big opportunity so that we can take a big step in life but we miss small opportunities that comes our way. Let us not forget that our God is specialised in using small things and make it a huge blessing.

Jesus asked the servants to fill the jars with water before he turned it to wine. Ever wondered why? Jesus could have made the wine appear in the jar even without filling water inside it. He did that because he was expecting an action from the servants so that he can use it as a catalyst.

Jesus asked the people to remove the stones from Lazarus grave. Ever wondered why? On one occasion Jesus asked his disciples to go and fish so that they will find a coin in its mouth. He could have given the coin to the disciples. Why did he ask his disciples to go such a length to get that coin? Elijah asked Naaman to get dipped in Jordan river seven times so that he will get healed from leprosy. Elijah asked Hezekiah to apply a lump of figs and apply it to the boil so that he will get healed. 

In all these instances, God was expecting an action from his people that he can use it as a catalyst. God uses small things done in faith and brings a big result. Remember “Great things come in small packages.”

Zig Ziglar said “There is no giant step that does it. It’s a lot of small steps”

From being a shepherd boy David became a Giant killer in less than 24 hrs. He obeyed his father and got up early in the morning and travelled almost 15 miles on his foot and reached his brothers place just in time. He was just in time to meet Goliath when he arrived. Thank God David was not lazy and he didn’t decide to sleep on his way. Otherwise he would have completely missed meeting Goliath!

It was one small act of obedience to his father but a giant leap in his life. It was an ordinary morning for David. He was being obedient. He was being sincere. He wouldn’t have realised what he was about to do when he got ready to meet his brothers that morning. He had all the reasons to complain and grumble because his father sent him to take care of the sheep while his brothers were serving the army. Now his father wants him to be a food delivery boy. But David must have understood the principle that greatness is one giant leap but it often comes through  small acts of obedience and faith.

Not only that, he never had a mega strategy for his battle. He selected 5 smooth stones. He never wore an armour or took expensive weapons. Often it is that small pebble we picked along the shore will kill the giant. Don’t wait for big opportunities in life and never be afraid to take small steps in faith.

David spoke the right words which was overheard and reported to the King. Don’t keep speaking negative words about your situations. You don’t know who is hearing your conversations. Speak something of worth that will be reported to the King.

God blessed the small steps David took and it became a giant leap in his life. He was a man of excellence and he lived an extra ordinary life.

David was practising sling shots when he was a shepherd boy which helped him to do his job perfectly when he met Goliath. Just imaging what would have happened if David missed hitting Goliath with those 5 stones. Even when you are in the valley start practising your sling shots which will one day be useful to kill the giant.

I won’t say I am a man of great faith and I am a work in progress. But I know how to practise my sling shots when I don’t have anything else to do. I know how to get ready to meet the giant. For first 7 years of our marriage we tried hard for a child and never succeeded. I remember one evening I went to the supermarket and bought a dummy as a sign of what I am believing. I did this to keep me from getting discouraged and to keep believing and move forward. It was not an easy journey but eventually after a tough ordeal I killed that “giant” and we had our first child in 2014.

When I wrote my first book I wrote it keeping in mind both UK and US audiences. I never had any other experiences of writing and had no clue how to publish it. After trying hard for several months, one day a publisher accepted my manuscript and published it in all english speaking countries throughout the world!

When I resigned my job in 2015 and didn’t have any job for 3 months, I assumed I am working everyday and went upstairs to my room and pretended to be in a work place from 9 till 5. I studied a new technology during that time which became a key to get a high profile job soon after that.

This is what I have learnt in my life by going through valleys. You don’t know when you will meet the giant. All you can do is keep yourself ready to meet the giant.

Joseph in the old testament was  a man of excellence. The bible says even when he was in prison he helped others to interpret their dreams. It was that spirit of excellence God blessed and used it for his own breakthrough. Therefore if we want to start doing greater things for God we should start taking  small steps in faith.

Our God is a big and awesome God but he loves small things. He takes the small things which we do in faith, blesses it and makes it huge. All we have to do is to be a person of excellence and continue to take small steps in faith. We never know when we will meet the giant but when we meet we will be there on time and ready with our sling-shots to kill the giant. 

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2 Responses to Small steps but a Giant leap

  1. I agree! If we are unwilling to be faithful and obedient in the small things that God asks us to do, then we won’t be trustworthy in the big things. And the funny thing is, that often the things that seem little to us turn out to actually be the big things that we hope for! Thanks for your post!

  2. April Boyer says:

    Oh I have certainly learned from this in the past week; learning that Satan is indeed our enemy and that we must actively train to defeat him. And what a joy that is when you see it happen! Thanks for this Giant lesson!

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