Men who “ran”!

When Saul tried to kill David, David ran for his life. David had all the skills and talents and opportunities to kill Saul but instead he chose to run! One must wonder why?

When Absalom his own son tried to take the throne and planned a coup, David left the throne and ran! David was the King at that time and he had all power and authority to stop Absalom and even kill him. Instead David chose to leave the throne and he ran! One must wonder why?

Joseph had the good looks and physique to accept the offer from Potiphar’s wife. Joseph had excuses to do so because of the unfair treatment by his brothers and the painful past. Joseph could have slept with Potiphar’s wife to forget his painful past. Instead he chose to run! One must wonder why?

Jesus had all the power and authority to call on his father who would have put more than 12 legion of angels at his disposal (Matt 26:53). But he was silent when he was struck in the face by an official. (John 18:22) One must wonder why?

Why did all these people ran when they could have confronted and won over their situations? Is not running away from situations like these compared to losing and lack of courage? The only difference between running away due to lack of courage and running away deliberately is the later run because they chose not to fight as they know their opponent is too small for them. They know their opponent is not their real enemy and the real enemy is the unseen one. The people who run for God know the will of God and they know their opponents cannot change their destiny and calling. The question is are you one of those people who “run”?

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  1. Very good! We need to know when to run & when to stand & fight.

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