Strong and Enduring Word

Just before Jesus went to the cross he gave a word to his disciples and it’s recorded in the scripture as follows.

“Then Jesus told them, ‘This very night you will all fall away on account of me, for it is written: ‘I will strike the shepherd,
and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.’ But after I have risen, I will go ahead of you into Galilee.’”27

That’s a word. That’s a promise to the disciples. Jesus was simply saying ‘I will see you guys in Galilee.’ If they had smart phone in those days the disciples would have put a reminder saying ‘meet Jesus in Galilee.’ But shortly after Jesus gave that word Jesus was arrested by the roman soldiers and he was dragged, slapped and mocked before their very own eyes. This must have been a shock to the disciples. If they had smart phone they would have text’ed each other saying, “he asked us to go to Galilee but I don’t think he will make it”. Peter would have said “But he always did what he said before. Let’s wait and see. maybe things will get better.”
But things went worse from there. Jesus was put a crown of thorns. He was led to Calvary. Disciples would have asked each other ‘Do you think he will still make it to Galilee?’
Everyone would have said “No, very slim chance.”

After that Jesus was nailed to the cross and he gave up his breath. Disciples would have thought, “That’s it. He didn’t remain true to his word. He is not going to make it to Galilee!” So the disciples must have remained in Jerusalem near his tomb to see what was happening next and they didn’t go to Galilee! Some women went to the tomb where Jesus was laid thinking he was still there. But do you know what the Angel said. “But go, tell his disciples and Peter, ‘He is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him, just as he told you.’”28

Isn’t that incredible! If Jesus had a smart phone Jesus would have text’ed the disciples saying ‘Guys I am waiting for you in Galilee. Where are you?’

Underline the words “Just as he told you.” He will remain true to his word even if it means coming back from death!

That’s what God taught me in that labour ward. After all those struggles and drama I thought I might not see this baby alive. I thought I am going to lose this baby because the opposition was too strong. They took Ethan out of Jessline’s womb after an emergency caesarian and they took him aside to remove fluids from his mouth and they brought him to me and gave him in my hands. I was struggling at that point and I was emotional. When I held him for the first time I called his name ETHAN. It was just three minutes after birth and you won’t believe he opened his eyes and smiled! Fortunately I had a camera in my hand and captured that precious moment. I showed it to all my families and friends and they couldn’t believe it. They were astonished that a baby opened his eyes and smiled just three minutes after birth. When I saw that smile God reminded me that ‘Ethan’ means ‘Strong and Enduring.’ This smile was a reminder that the WORD OF GOD IS STRONG AND ENDURING. God said to me “You thought you would never make it. But don’t you ever doubt my word. I will remain true to my word.”

That is what God is saying to you. “Don’t you ever doubt my word. my word is strong and enduring. You might be in a situation where victory seems almost impossible. It is almost like those disciples seeing Jesus being beaten and nailed to the cross. But don’t you ever doubt my word and give up your fight.” It doesn’t matter who is with you or who is not with you. It doesn’t matter what you see. It doesn’t matter what you go through in life. If you have the word of God it will come to pass. He will remain true to his word. So don’t give up your fight for the family and God wants you to rise up and fight!

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