Are you worn out?

Are you worn out?

“Are you worn out?  Burned out on religion?  Come to Me …….  Matthew 11 v 28 – 30. I wonder if you are getting used to Zoom, u tube and face time!!  More »

The only hope

The only hope

People are living in fear of the pandemic that is raging these days. Questions about our very existence may crowd our minds. ‘ Who am I?…Where did I come from?…Where am I going More »

2 minutes lockdown thought – Day 1

2 minutes lockdown thought – Day 1

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Coronavirus – What should be a Christians response?

Coronavirus – What should be a Christians response?

What should a Christian do in times of great crisis like this? Well, we all can take a leaf from Apostle Paul’s book on how he handled a great crisis when he More »

Coronavirus – A unique crisis like never before

Coronavirus – A unique crisis like never before

Coronavirus has gone from an Asian contagion to a world wide pandemic that has put the quarter of the world in lockdown in 4 weeks. A tiny unseen virus has threatened the More »


A light in the darkness? It’s not what we think!

I was challenged and inspired by the Word I heard in my church today about being a children of light in the darkness. The preacher said that the church should go out and shine the light where the darkness is and not just remain within the four walls where there is already light. This is a very important truth that every church should hear and has heard in the past. But the key question that came to my mind is why aren’t the churches doing it? Why are the churches who started such activities in the past with great zeal have stopped it?

When your future is uncertain

It is an understatement if I say we live in uncertain times. We started the new year with the tragic news of fires in Australia which was apocalyptic. Then there was this tension between Iran and US and there were rumours of 3rd world war. Now, hundreds of people have died in this deadly corona  virus attack and everyone is panicking. Everywhere we turn the newspaper and watch the news, there is doom and gloom and people are worried. 

Iridescent Impact

This time of year, my family is always deep in costume making. What started as a fun candy-gathering activity for my elementary school kids has morphed over the years into colossal all-out costume-making season that usually starts in July and has us scouring thrift stores for pieces to turn into outfits and working on props. There are […]
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No Record

By now, most people have seen the viral video of the courtroom drama that played out at the end of last week in Dallas, Texas. But it’s such a powerful expression of the love of Christ that it is worth revisiting. The video captured the moving response of the brother of Botham Jean, a man […]
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Upward Climb

This weekend I spent time away in the mountains with friends on our annual Girlfriend Getaway. Our retreat isn’t one of those vacations where you pack so many activities into the time that you end up more tired when get home than you were when you left.This mini-vacation is about resting, relaxing and reconnecting, so a […]
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Out of the Ordinary

It’s seems strange to do ordinary daily tasks after you’ve gotten the news that a friend has died unexpectedly. The sudden shocking event leaves a hollow ache like a punch to the gut. The more days that pass, the more you recognize just how many things are now forever altered. But even so, it’s easy […]
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Room to Move

In its simplest form, the scientific Law of Entropy states that “any system is left to itself will go on to randomness or disorder.” That means that everything in the world will naturally move from order to chaos. You don’t have to take a science class to figure that out. All you need is a […]
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A wake up call to young men and women of God

A heartfelt letter to all the young men and women of God in the body of Christ.

Sticky Situation

I was looking through our family photo albums this past weekend and happened to run across some fun pictures of my two oldest kids when they were only 8 and 6 years old. These snapshots were taken at High Rock Lake in North Carolina during the drought of 2002. Normally, the company that controls the dam keeps […]
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Virus alert! You’ve been infected! In today’s world, that usually means that your computer or phone needs immediate attention, but the virus alert that we had at our house last week was not the digital kind. Instead, old fashioned sickness attacked hard and laid out all but two of our family with sore throats, congestion […]
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